FUNDAZÚCAR creates, executes and promotes human development programs under a framework of respect, self-development and charity in public policy. As a result, relationships with the community stop being philanthropic in nature and transform themselves on corporate social responsibility in the long run, while in the short term institutional relations with the community are continuously strengthened.

Programs are built around these major areas of human development:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Municipality Strengthening

Underlying all programs are these principles:

  • Decentralization
  • Desconcentration of resources
  • Solidarity
  • Subsidiarity
  • Participation

This last principle of Participation is viewed as a tenet for involving the community and making each member a live actor in the development process, rather than mere recipients of resources.

Two major pillars support the actual implementation of all programs:

  • Logical framework
  • Alliance Building

The LOGICAL FRAMEWORK is understood as the method by which programs focus on identifying the root causes of problems and their solutions, rather on solving the tail end of problems.

The ALLIANCE BUILDING pillar seeks to understand issues based on the logical framework to engage all interested parties in common objectives in order to better allocate efforts and resources to achieve the desired results. FUNDAZÚCAR understands the value of building working networks to deliver results.

FUNDAZÚCAR integrates the POLITICAL and SOCIAL contexts to its programs given that each of these areas provide context at both the national and community levels. To this end, it focuses it efforts on key actors in the process, as follows:

  • In Health: The patient being the end beneficiary
  • In Education: Both teachers and women
  • In Municipality Strengthening: The Major, the Municipal Council, and the citizens

The role and weight that these key actors play in their communities make them strategic participants of FUNDAZÚCAR’s programs because the sugar sector can build direct relationships with them and therefore deliver on their expected results for their betterment of life standards.

FUNDAZÚCAR is clear that

  • It represents sugar as one of the strongest and most successful industries in the country with a social responsibility perspective
  • It is an organization that executes programs rather than donating resources for others to execute
  • It has built its vision based on long term goals that have been derived from the Peace Accords and the Goals of the Millenium
  • It has earned national and international respect as a result of its effectiveness, transparency and perseverance.

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Fundación del Azúcar – FUNDAZÚCAR –

PBX: (502) 2386-2000 / FAX: (502) 2386-2155
Address: 5a. Avenida 5-55 Zona 14
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Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

Km. 59.5 Carretera a Taxisco
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2ª. Avenida 6-10 zona 1
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Mazatenango, Suchitepéquez

Plaza Palmeras Local 82
Tel: (502) 7889-9849
Escuintla, Escuintla

It is a non-for-profit social development organization founded in 1994 by coffee producers. It works to improve the human development of the rural population in Guatemala by increasing the quality of social services in the areas of Health, Education and Food Safety & Nutrition. Its objective is to provide a more competitive economic activity in the coffee industry as a whole.


Boost human development in the rural area


Be the social arm of the coffee industry in Guatemala


Contribute to increase the quality of life of individuals in the rural areas

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Executive Direction
PBX: (502) 2421-3700
Extensions: 3021 & 3022
Email: mynor.dmm@funcafe.org
Email: Jacqueline.RSBDE@funcafe.org

FUNDABANANO is the social arm of APIB whose main objective is to contribute to the development of the country by providing support in community health, education, housing and environment projects to the communities that exist around banana companies with the aim of helping to develop the practices of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of associated companies.

Promotes the socialization and implementation of an HIV Prevention Labor Policy to promote the health and well-being of employees and their families, creating a work environment free of stigma and discrimination in which labor laws and commitments are respected, this allows for greater Access to HIV prevention programs and ensure the productivity of enterprises.

Direct support to the BEST FAMILIES program in the development of the communities in the banana zones.

To create healthier and safer environments for employees and families who benefit directly from the sector.
Give continuity to the BEST FAMILY programs and the continuity of the HIV Labor Policy.