Cámara del Agro’s objective is to increase formal employment with social coverage in every area of agriculture. It specifically focuses on creating a law-abiding culture that aims to generate dignified jobs in the industry.

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Camara del Agro's Members Labor Policy

Declaration of Basic Principles Labor Policy

Manual of Good Work Practices


Joint Agreement with the International Labour Organization
Declaration of Commitment of Recommendation No. 200 on OIT and AIDS in the Workplace

On March 19th, 2014, The Presidents of the different sectors that conform the agricultural industry in Guatemala (producers, exporters and agribusinesses) subscribed the Declaration of Environmental Commitment and presented the Environmental Policy that will guide agriculture in the future.

The Environmental Policy is aligned with the strategic efforts that all members of Cámara del Agro have already started to promote the observance of national legislation related to the environment and to a sustainable development of agriculture. It is also aligned with the Corporate Social Responsibility model defined by CACIF–the umbrella entity that organises all private activity in Guatemala.

The launch of this Environmental Policy confirms the commitment that private agriculture has to voluntarily respect the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Moments when the Minister of Environmental and Natural Resources pronounces her speech during the launch of the Environmental Policy.

Camara del Agro with its long-term vision of “Producing food to the world, generating productive, decent and sustainable employment in Guatemala” recognizes the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council, intended to implement the United Nations framework to “protect, respect and remedy.”

The duty of the State to protect against human rights abuses by third parties, including in companies, through appropriate conflict resolution policies, regulations and procedures; the commitment of companies to respect human rights, act with due diligence to prevent the violation of the rights of third parties; and, access to effective remediation for victims of human rights abuses, which includes judicial and non-judicial processes.

Within the framework of these principles, Camara del Agro recognizes that it is the duty and purpose of the State to respect, protect and if necessary the remediation of Human Rights and that the responsibilities defined in the Principles, which refer in particular to the Responsibility to respect the responsibility of the company, are related to the way in which the company can affect human rights in the development of its business activity, does not impose responsibilities outside of this context.

Camara del Agro’s committing itself to promoting capacity building, due diligence and dialogue with human rights interest groups, signed its Human Rights Respect Policy, which serves as a framework policy for the efforts of the agricultural sector He has been developing with his Policy.

Human Rights Respect Policy