Cámara del Agro Celebrates Annual General Assembly

On March 31, 2014, Cámara del Agro de Guatemala held its Annual General Assembly and elected its new Board of Directors for the period 2014-2015. The new board is conformed by President José Santiago Molina (Gremial de Palmiculturoes), First Vicepresident Nils Leporowski (Coffee), Second Vicepresident Arnoldo Arriaza (Milk), Treasurer Alvaro Ruiz (Sugar), Secretary Danilo Parrinello (AGEXPORT).

Cámara del Agro also granted a recognition to Roberto Ardón, Executive Director of CACIF, for his extraordinary work during the last 20 years strengthening the principles that guide organized private sector in Guatemala.

Additionally, Cámara del Agro subscribed strategic communications alliances with three major actors of the sector. These are TVAgro Centroamérica, Agrícolas magazine, and Notileche Magazine.

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